Saturday, March 15, 2008

Why vanilla rigs?

Because I like vanilla ice cream? No, actually I don't like vanilla ice cream, chocolate is my favorite. Ok, let's not make this blog about culinary preferences, I'm sure there are others out there with far more experience than I am in that matter.

I DO like vanilla rigs. Why? simple because you take advantage of the package at hand. 
What do I mean by vanilla rigs? Rigs that use only nodes, expressions and other tools made available by the software developers and no custom plug-ins of any kind, free or not. 
I don't have anything against custom stuff but for the purpose of this blog I'd like to keep everything within the boundaries of a specific application.
Productions these days can spread across continents and make use of vast number of applications. Because of that, vanilla rigs will make everybody's life easier.

Ok I think you got my point and it's time to move on to the specifics of this blog.
I would like to create a series of video examples, not necessary tutorials on how to do stuff, and by stuff I mean rigs or rig bits, because everybody has their own way.
So... in the beginning there was a problem. Then there was a solution to that problem. I'll record how to implement that solution and share it with you. I'll let you decide if it's a good solution, a fast solution, a flexible solution or a crappy one. I very much appreciate any comments to the solution. Also any improvements to the solution are welcomed.

I don't have a specific timeline, I do have a full time job, but I would like to post every week or every other week.

Please feel free to suggest problems in either form, comments to an existing entry or e-mailing me directly. 

That's about it. 



Dragos Stefan said...

Good luck on this journey. I'll follow closely.

Eugene said...

Looking to satisfy my strange compunction to absorb as much information about Houdini possible, especailly on topics that no one seems to talk a lot about. Looks like rigging is certainly one of those it seems. I'm also a huge fan of doing as much as possible in the application available to me (i.e. Houdini) without having to use a million other applications so it looks like I've come to the right place! I've subscribed to the feed so I look forward to hearing about anything you can come up with... I'll certainly be listening.

Anonymous said...

Sounds very good. The spine post is great. If you're in a lack of topics some day, I'd love to read how a professional rigger would build a lion fish rig in houdini:)

Here's the reference:

JR Gauthier said...

I'm so happy someone actually takes the time to do this! I love houdini and I love character animation, so hopefully a gap will be collapsed! :)

I was wondering, did you ever experimented facial rigs with Houdini, something along the good old Stop staring technique? aka jason osipa technique? With a custom grapchical interface controlling blendshapes... That would be a great topic to cover as well...or other facial rigs!

Thanks for your blog!